Four tips for choosing the perfect carpet

Be sure to consider more than a carpet's good looks when comparing brands. You'll be most satisfied with your floor covering choice if you think about the function of your home space as well as who will be using that space. For example, Mid State Carpet Masters, a carpet store in Lemoyne, PA, carries a wide variety of carpet styles, one of which is sure to suit your needs.

1. Match the fiber to the space

You need a durable fiber like nylon or triexta on stairs or in a family or living room. Both fibers resist stains and abrasion. Nylon is known for its ability to bounce back after compression, while polyester is prized for its vibrant colors. While not appropriate for high-traffic areas, a polyester carpet is ideal for bedrooms. Consider hydrophobic olefin for damp basements.

2. Note the TPI on cut pile styles

The carpet is crafted by looping fibers onto a backing. The shortest loop pile styles are the most durable. Loops can be cut at the tips to create cut pile styles. Fibers are twisted or turned to increase durability. The label on cut-pile carpeting lists the TPI or turns per inch. Carpeting that has a 5.0 or 6.0 TPI won't unravel.

3. Consider pet-friendly brands

Even if you don't have a pet, carpeting designed for pet owners may be suitable for your home. Carpet brands that are backed by a pet-friendly warranty are highly stain-resistant. Thus, this type of carpeting is ideal for parents who have young children or for active households where heavy foot traffic is the norm.

4. Opt for the best padding

You'll be rewarded with carpet longevity if you choose the best quality underlayment or padding that is available for your carpet. Underlayment does more than make carpeting more comfortable to walk on. Most importantly, it absorbs the impact of footsteps. Also, the carpet won't rub against the subfloor and become worn because of padding.

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