Best carpet for high traffic areas

Best carpet for high traffic areas

Low pile carpets are perfect for high traffic areas because they're easy to keep clean and tend to be more durable. You'll almost always see low pile carpeting in busy commercial spaces like offices and hotels. However, if you’re looking for floor covering for a high traffic area, you'll most likely need other properties, such as extra stain resistance. Your choice of fiber will be more critical than ever, so discuss your needs in detail with the professionals at our carpet store.

Five most common fibers

While there are acrylics and blends, five are the most common. Wool is all-natural, extremely durable, and soft. It's white but has natural oils with tiny scales that flick dirt away. Be sure to wipe spills immediately, so they don't absorb and set.

Nylon is a synthetic known for phenomenal strength, resiliency, and stain resistance. This is the most common synthetic, making up over 50% of all carpets. Many find this an ideal choice, especially if they have large families with kids and pets.

Other synthetic fibers include polyester, which is the second most chosen fiber, next to nylon. It is hydrophobic, so the stain resistance is inherent and best for moderate foot traffic. Olefin is budget-friendly, durable, and offers good stain and moisture resistance, and stronger when it's in the Berber, looped, style which uses the strongest part of the fiber. Finally, Triexta is relatively new but already has a reputation for superior strength and stain resistance built into the fiber.

Natural vs. synthetic fibers

The decision will ultimately come down to how much you value specific characteristics. For example, while natural fibers are, of course, eco-friendly, many find synthetics to be the more practical choice since they tend to be more stain-resistant.

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